8 reasons why an app for your info product could be the tipping point

At this point in the game, you have already created your info product, achieved sales funnels that are providing conversions, and have even demonstrated that the product has potential to scale. Now you need to accelerate your growth by diversifying your marketing strategy in order to expand your audience and improve conversions of your leads.

Whether you are a fitness fanatic, an ebook specialist, an undiscovered top chef or expert in any field; the creation of a mobile app for your info product can deliver a significant boost to your business and deliver exponential success and profits. Success and profits are both assured and we don’t just say it ourselves, it’s actually confirmed by research, studies and the media specialized in technology and digital marketing.

Let's take a look at the statistics: 66% of the world's population already has a mobile phone, Spain is the leading country with 88% of unique users and, as if that were not enough, the use of apps on mobile phones increased by 11% in 2017, according to the data of the Mobile Report in Spain and in the World 2017 of Ditrendia.

Tarkin Studios has helped benefit info product producers from all over the world by transforming their marketing and sales funnels with the inclusion of a mobile app within their digital projects. Experience has shown us that there are eight reasons why a mobile app could be the tipping point for any info product; and we’re going to share them with you:

  1. It brings you a new distribution - According to Statista, in fact, more than 52 percent of all website traffic worldwide has been generated through mobile phones in 2018. That’s more than 50% of all web pages served and represents a huge audience that deserves some special attention. And what better way to do so than creating an easy to use, always available, anytime anyplace app for their mobile phone? The benefits are mutual: your customers take advantage of the comfort that brings them, and you increase the volume of leads, engagement and profits significantly by reaching a new audience.

    An app solves one of the biggest challenges of info producers, which is precisely to make their products reach different types of audiences, more people. Investing in an additional channel, such as the mobile app, is more profitable than doing it only in one.
  2. Multiplies your brand's exposure - An app also becomes a new branding tool, since its use multiplies the exposure of your brand to users. It’s no secret that the more your target audience is exposed and interacts with your brand, the stronger it becomes. Your mobile app is the perfect mechanism to expand the presence of your brand within your vertical and provide a platform for interaction with your audience. In fact, it’s proven that the times of use and sessions are higher in apps than in web pages.
  3. Attracts more and better leads - An app also becomes a lead magnet, that is, a free and quality service that your users can take advantage of in exchange for their personal data, such as their name, age or email. Even if your info product is related, for example, to weight loss, you could ask the user to indicate his weight, height, lifestyle or any other information that is relevant to the sale of your info product.

    This may be the biggest game changer for your business. Tarkin Studio’s experience with launching info product apps has shown email submits as high as 80%! The main reason for this behavior is believed to be the trust that users have in providing personal information through the application as opposed to a website.
  4. Makes your info product ubiquitous - On the train, on the bus, during their lunch time stroll… It’s all about providing accessibility to your product and making it as comfortable as possible for your audience. Mobile apps provides an always on platform to present your product and create desire to purchase.

    They also become an omnipresent access door to your info product. They are like a "snack" that opens the appetite, that revives the user's desire to buy, which is a couple of clicks away from making the final purchase -–even if he’s stuck in the middle of a traffic jam or queuing to enter the cinema–.
  5. Promotes assistance to your webinars - An app not only promote assistance to your webinars, it also promote listening to your podcasts. Everyone is very busy in today’s non-stop world. Work, social, and family obligations fill up our calendars. Provide a bit of “me time” to your audience by providing webinars or live audio sessions.

    An app solves two typical problems of the web: the first is the registration rate, which is higher in mobile applications; and the second is the attendance rate, which is lower. With an app, you can increase assistance to your webinars, thanks in large part to the "push notifications", to which we will return later, at point number seven.
  6. Transforms your sales funnels and conversion rates - You know your product and your audience. Whether you are providing a funnel that includes free samples, upsell, cross-sell, or subscriptions you can integrate your app in the sales funnel with sales calls, discounts, promotions, etc.

    The app’s funnel is by definition very similar to the classic sales funnel of traditional marketing, but applied to apps has variations: the tactics used to mobilize users through it are different, especially at the beginning.

    For example, in the app you can offer additional products, as if it were a premium service of your info product. Let’s imagine again that your app is related to weight loss. Through it, then, your users can benefit from exclusive recipes or updated calendars each week to make a training or meal plan.
  7. It gives you more control - An app allows you to send reminders thanks to notifications, which you can send automatically or manually, at any time and from anywhere. This way you can easily capture the attention of your users when they are not using your info product.

    That’s a very valuable capacity. According to AdQuadrant, 70% of mobile users are opted into push notifications, and conversion rate is 2x higher for users who receive them. Thanks to push notifications, it’s easy to reach new users and reconnect with the ones you already have but are not too active. They also serve as a vehicle to communicate news and any other type of information. So an app allows you to take control, reactivate users and build customer loyalty by sending reminders with push notifications. Plus, it gives you more feedback from the users.
  8. It allows you to acquire new users - New and better users. Apart from developing your mobile application, at Tarkin Studios we also work as your affiliate to attract new users to your app from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and other high level social networks. These new users are, therefore, of higher quality. And they are not better simply because of their origin, but because, in addition, they have decided for themselves to install an app of your vertical, with which they are really interested. It’s not surprising, then, that the conversion rate is higher in the apps.

    As we said, we also offer support as affiliates. Our internal team of media buyers specializes in providing you leads on a performance basis, which means you only pay for registered users. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Finally, let's recap. A mobile application has the potential to become the tipping point of your info product for eight main reasons: it gives you a new distribution channel, multiplies the exposure of your brand, attracts more and better leads, makes your info product omnipresent, allows you to offer extra services such as webinars and podcasts, transforms your sales funnel and conversions rates, gives you more control thanks to the handling of push notifications and, finally, allows you to acquire new users.

Are you ready to make the difference of your info product, to take it to the next level? Are you looking for a collaborator with specific knowledge and experience in the development of applications and marketing for info products? If the answer is yes, you are lucky. At Tarkin Studios we are specialists in the development and distribution of mobile applications for info products. Our clients have built their businesses with our expertise in content optimization, lead magnet strategies, sales funnels and media buying. An app offers a unique opportunity to connect with your audience. Contact us now for a free consultation!

Jose Manuel García Franco Jose Manuel García Franco
CEO at Tarkin Studios