Avoid wasting money and infrastructure with $0 revenue mass traffic

What if we told you that your VAS business could save significantly on infrastructure costs, improve the quality of your traffic, and avoid system latency at the same time? Well, get ready for some good news.

ArmorAds Pro-tech, the fraud prevention solution of ArmorAds, has a functionality that focuses on exactly this case. VAS service providers are inundated with millions of clicks to their landing pages from hundreds to thousands of distinct traffic sources every day. Platform infrastructure costs such as servers, bandwidth, tracking technology, CDN, and more are directly correlated to the amount of this traffic. Unfortunately, a significant portion of that traffic will never convert into a paid user for your service, all the while causing an incurring cost for your business.

Using Big Data and machine learning technology, coupled with more than 10 years experience in mobile VAS traffic acquisition, ArmorAds Pro-Tech identifies massive traffic with $0 revenue potential and prevents it from reaching advertisers’ landing pages.

In addition to traditional filtering/blacklisting that analyzes clicks in a post click/conversion phase, ArmorAds Pro-Tech takes things a giant leap further by identifying combinations of characteristics that produce behavioral patterns of users, traffic sources, and thousands of distinct segments. These patterns are then applied at the individual click level in order to anticipate behavior and eliminate unwanted traffic in real-time.

A common practice in many solutions is to block traffic at the publisher or sub-subplisher level. While this certainly keeps unwanted traffic away it also prevents some of the quality traffic within those publishers from reaching campaigns and generating revenue for VAS service providers. With ArmorAds Pro-Tech, the analysis is always done at a granular click by click level, ensuring that advertisers receive 100% of clicks with the potential to convert.

Identification and optimization of traffic before it reaches VAS service providers is critical in ad fraud prevention. ArmorAds Pro-Tech applies machine learning technology to our algorithms to ensure that each day the solution is improving on its interception mechanisms and a step ahead in protecting the mobile VAS ecosystem.

“We have had an exceptional success with improving traffic quality and reducing the strain and costs for VAS provider platforms. Additionally, advertisers benefit from even more efficient performance optimization by teams at AmorAds, due to having a clearer view of the ecosystem without this additional traffic.” say Adrian Verge, Managing Director of ArmorAds.

Visit: https://armoradsprotech.com to learn more about the advantages ArmorAds Pro-Tech is providing to the VAS ecosystem.

Karen Ciulla Karen Ciulla
Global Business Developer & PR