How ArmorAds is optimizing VAS churn

Customer churn rate has always been at the forefront of VAS advertiser KPI measurements. However, since mid 2017 it’s taken center stage due to an immense increase of consumer churn and the ensuing crack down of mobile carriers in an effort to diminish fraudulent activity in the market.

Soaring churn rates in VAS have been largely due to a rise in mobile ad fraud. Subscriptions made without customers’ knowledge through tactics such as i-framing and others, lead to unknowing users receiving notification of the subscription and automatically unsubscribing. (Read more about fraudulent tactics here)

As churn rate is one of the major factors in determining advertisers’ CPAs, an unsuspected increase can translate into lost revenues and numbers in the red.

What appeared as a threat to the industry is now being taken under control by advertisers and networks that are implementing the necessary measures to reduce and stabilize churn rates.

How to put control back in the hands of VAS advertisers

Churn reduction can be attacked from a number of different angles.

  1. Anti-fraud measures – Stop fraudulent traffic BEFORE it reaches your campaigns. Detection and blocking of fraudulent traffic is essential. Common tactics responsible for high-churn include i-framing and malware APKs.
  2. Improved targeting – Get your product to the right audience at the right time. Advanced traffic identification and predictive modeling contribute to getting your product in front of the customer with the highest probability to convert and achieving longer Lifetime Values.
  3. Constant monitoring and optimization – Traffic sources contributing to high churn rates can be detected and blocked automatically with an unsubscribe post-back to the affiliate network.

ArmorAds takes a 360º approach to reducing churn rates for our advertisers with our proprietary anti-fraud solution, ArmorAds Pro-Tech. Through the methods mentioned above, as well as taking a shared responsibility course of action with our advertising partners, we are achieving significant churn rate reductions in a number of global markets.

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Karen Ciulla Karen Ciulla
Global Business Developer & PR