Increase ROI with CPE campaigns

Mobile app marketing is a multi-stop journey that is certainly not the same for every app. The campaign goal for each app depends greatly on the objective and function of the app and where it fits in the sales funnel. For many apps, the first milestone most likely includes working on ASO strategy to achieve installs and improve listings within the app stores. Here the most common model is Cost per Install (CPI) as the objective is to achieve the maximum volume of installs possible without a strong focus on quality or engagement of the users.

As the journey continues, the goal transitions into attracting and retaining high-quality users and delivering value to those customers. Here the objective is engagement of the users to qualify them as interested audience base. This is a key step in marketing of apps with a focus on building a database for their sales funnels. Here the most common model is Cost per Engagement (CPE) as the objective is for the user to interact. Many times this interaction may come in form of completing a lead generation form, which may also be referred to as Cost per Lead (CPL) or Cost per Registration (CPR). Additionally it can mean making a purchase within the app, which may also be referred to as Cost per Acquisition (CPA). In all of these cases, the user has made some additional action with the app beyond a simple download and open.

The Cactus Road has seen a dramatic shift to CPE, CPL, CPR, and CPA campaigns as the app market is becoming more mature. While driving installs may have been the objective to start, the high churn of those users eat up marketing dollars quickly without leaving a base of users with sufficient LTVs. This increase in CPE has provided clients with qualified leads that provide higher conversion rates, and user acquisitions that achieve higher lifetime values. This model allows app developers to tightly control and measure the ROI and conversions as opposed to a CPI model. Additionally, CPE model campaigns help in optimizing traffic sources and wasting money on fraudulent sources, as well as improving sales funnels.

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Karen Ciulla Karen Ciulla
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