Kimia continues to change the playing field in online advertising technology. We are happy to present ArmorAds, a global mobile advertising company with a pioneering anti-fraud solution and advanced optimization at its core.

The creation of ArmorAds is the result of the rising threats that currently plague performance marketing. Due to a surge in fraudulent activity powered by ingenious tactics and smart technology, advertisers are faced with shrinking revenues and a snowballing increase of compliance and legal issues. ArmorAds provides an innovative solution of fraud prevention to provide visibility across the ecosystem of CPA, CPL, and CPS products. The result is high-quality, clean traffic to campaigns resulting in improved lifetime values and scalability to advertisers’ business.

The backbone of ArmorAds lies within ArmorAds Pro-Tech, a cutting-edge anti-fraud solution. Since March of 2017, a dedicated team of engineers have been focused on research and development to combat fraud. After one year of testing distinct combinations and tools, we have launched a successful product with proven highly effective results.

This transitions means only positive change for current Kimia partners due to the application of focused technology and teams, increased fraud protection and the stability and security of a long-standing partner.

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Karen Ciulla Karen Ciulla
Global Business Developer & PR