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Free Anti-fraud protection that could mean significant savings for VAS advertisers

April 17th

We’ve all read the varying figures regarding how much mobile ad fraud is costing advertisers yearly, and without disputing which is the true...


Malware APKs Attack on Mobile Advertising

April 2nd

Mobile advertising is evolving at an unprecedented rate thanks to developments in machine learning technology, big data, AI, advanced targeting, programmatic capabilities and many more contributing aspects...


India’s Mobile Ad Market is the land of opportunity….if you can avoid the land mines

March 27th

Mobile advertising in India saw tremendous growth in 2017 with estimations of an 85% increase by eMarketer. And with forecasts of a 75% additional increase for 2018 ...


Tired of burning away $$ on fraudulent ad spends??

March 16th

Ad fraud continues to cause millions of dollars of wasted marketing budgets each year. While it tops the news headlines and keeps some of us up at night, there is still a trend...


Kimia Group Adds Digital Agency to its portfolio

March 13th

Kimia Group and Tidart have announced a merger that is effective as of January 29th, 2018. Tidart, a digital agency of Madrid, Spain will form a part of Kimia Group as the digital...


Kimia presents Armorads

March 6th

Kimia continues to change the playing field in online advertising technology. We are happy to present ArmorAds, a global mobile advertising company with a pioneering anti-fraud solution and advanced optimization at its core...