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Innovative technology and solutions for the digital marketing ecosystem.

Our companies share a passion for data-driven engineering and results: we adopt industry-specific approaches and methodologies for every sector and objective.

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Digital Media & Data Agency

Technology and innovation applied to digital planning. SEM, Social Ads, Programmatic Display & Video in main channels. Design and implementation from brand building to customer growth and loyalty.

We work with our in-house customizable algorithms with optimization parameters for each client.

  • Media planning
  • Edge computing
  • Data science
  • Scientific methodology
Science, technology and expertise applied to your digital media investment.
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Leading Ad Tech for Online Videos

Design, implementation, and optimization of online video advertising campaigns on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Spotify, and Twitch amongst others, using our in-house tools and platforms.

Using machine learning and the latest technology to generate optimized results, always in a brand-safe environment.

  • Unbeatable campaign prices
  • High-quality environment: Brand safety and brand suitability
  • Machine learning-based algorithms
  • Integrated reporting
The platform that ensures the success of your video ad campaigns.
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Specialized agency in lead generation

Digital advertising applied to lead generation. Development of innovative strategies, with cutting-edge technology and personalized creative direction, to obtain leads with the highest probability of conversion or hiring. Guaranteed security and transparency in any vertical, for any country.

Combined talent and experience to offer a close and efficient service.

  • In-house white-label brands
  • Lead validation
  • Data storage protection
  • Budget optimization
Digital advertising focused on results.
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Advertising and monetization ad network

Multi-format platform for publishers and advertisers to buy and sell Push Notifications, Pops, In-page Push, Direct Links, Interstitials and Rich Media.

Self-service in-house technology for mobile and desktop devices.

  • CPC & CPM models
  • Real-time bidding
  • XML feeds
  • +220 geos
Self-service platform with engaging ad formats.
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Tarkin Studios

Digital Product Creation Studio

All-round digital product development studio. Apps, video games, and web page creation for main platforms and social media, including the latest technology like metaverses, blockchain, and others. From market analysis, conceptual design, and personalized development, to optimization, distribution, and expansion.

Verified experience and a multidisciplinary team focused on obtaining maximum performance during a product's entire life cycle.

  • Videogames
  • Applications & utilities
  • Metaverses
  • Blockchain development
Fast and high-quality customized development.
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User Acquisition for Mobile Apps

Driving relevant traffic to meet every ROI, engagement, and retention goal. High-quality user acquisition through programmatic media buying, based on data analysis and proprietary technology, for mobile apps.

More than 200 million users worldwide in any vertical.

  • Programmatic media buying across the leading SSPs
  • Anti-fraud technology
  • All MMPs integration
  • Multilingual app growth experts
Mobile marketing growth with performance-based scale.
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Data advertising DSP

Programmatic media buying & data-driven solutions through the latest self-service DSP. Choose how to manage your branding, user acquisition, and retargeting campaigns.

Maximum transparency, with real-time results, detailed reports, and a dedicated team on stand by.

  • Display, native and video ad formats
  • Managed, Hybrid or Self-Service Buying
  • Brand safety
  • For mobile, desktop, and CTV platforms
Self-service DSP for mobile, desktop, and CTV advertising.
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Data Science & Big Data

Mathematics, statistics, artificial intelligence, and analytics applied to digital marketing to improve decision-making. Squeezing the data to extract all its value for each and every client.

From building awareness to reactivating conversions, we create personalized models, adapted to each client's goals and needs.

  • Hypersegmentation
  • Lead enrichment
  • Process automation
  • Fraud and abandonment detection
Get the most out of your business' data.
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Affiliate marketing platform & tracking software

SaaS platform designed for ad networks, ad agencies, and affiliate programs. An innovative software that combines the best user experience with cutting-edge technology to automate and manage any online affiliate program.

The ideal solutions for any performance-based offer (CPA, CPL, CPS, and CPI models) in industries such as e-commerces, in-app, lead gen, iGaming, mVAS, and email marketing.

  • API to import/export offers
  • Real-time statistics & reports
  • Custom plans and pricing
  • White-label workspaces
All-in-one SaaS solution to manage your online advertising and affiliate business.
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